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    The FIRST and LARGEST community driven HIV-negative empowerment website in America. 
Inspirational stories for architects of change.

This is a community of HIV-negative people who are powered by inspiration.

Each and every one of us (HIV+ or HIV-negative) has a personal story to share. And your story of being HIV-negative in TODAYS world of HIV — of struggle or of triumph — can inspire others. Your story has the power to awaken others to their potential, opening them up to new possibilities of living, learning and loving.
By sharing your journey on how you have remained HIV-negative, you can shine a reassuring light on the path ahead and help HIV-negative LGBTQ youth see that they are NOT alone, that they CAN navigate change, move forward, face each new day with courage, passion and compassion, and find inspiration in their own journey as they continue to remain HIV-negative TODAY!

Even though I have been HIV+ since 1983, I am always on the lookout for inspirational stories from our HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth and WHY they have REMAINED HIV-negative - and you are invited to share yours. 

Please consider being a part of something BIGGER and MORE POWERFUL than any HIV agency or organization in America today, consider SHARING YOUR STORY about being HIV-negative in America today.

Tell us all about it in the space below. Thank you in advance;
Robert Brandon Sandor
HIV Prevention Innovator
HIV+ since 1983


Be supportive of others who choose to remain HIV-negative. USE THE "GUEST BOOK" feature below to offer your questions, comments, concerns about this groundbreaking webpage OR offer your tips and suggestions to others. Your Freedom Of Choice.
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