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PrEP Concerns: Why are YOU required to to be medicated?
​If you were HIV-negative yesterday and are still HIV-negative today, you should be congratulated for your efforts - NOT medicated. But what about tomorrow or the next day? Your successful and medically proven actions of yesterday and today PROVE that you can be successful tomorrow. You just need a little support, a word of encouragement, an empowerment resource guide, friends to talk to or some current research to back you up.

HIV Prevention in America today is a contradiction. On the one side there are demands and protests to stop HIV and to order the general public (and our court system) to respect us and our LGBTQ rites of "equality". Then on the other side (and in the same breath) there are demands and protests to promote PrEP (Truvada), unsafe sex and the HIV agencies, organizations, "experts" and "professionals" who empower the same LGBTQ community to engage in risky behavior, and require us (the HIV+ community) to have unsafe sex with HIV-negative gay youth.

The inconvenient truth about HIV in America today is that HIV is a PUBLIC HEALTH issue, and laws against new transmissions of HIV must be strictly enforced. Otherwise, all HIV prevention funding and political support are worthless.  

WHY PrEP IS A FAILURERead the article as is was published on April 18, 2014 in the Gay San Diego news.

The Problem With PrEP ~ IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!  By The Numbers, Who pays for YOUR daily dose of PrEP medications? If you say "my insurance company" you are wrong, and here is why. Your insurance company never "pays" for anything, it does NOT go into their bank account and hand out bags of cash to you - the cash does not belong to "The Insurance Company" - it belongs to YOU the "policy holder". It was YOUR cash that YOU paid monthly to the insurance company, it is called "A PREMIUM". 

Therefore, YOU and INSURANCE POLICY HOLDERS like you pay for YOUR daily dose of PrEP, and the other insurance policy holders have NO SAY in this matter. If they do NOT pay their monthly premiums - their healthcare policy is TERMINATED! 

WHO pays for PrEP?
YOU DO. (for real)

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Drug Resistance

HIV Accounting Fraud
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Healthcare Fraud

HIV-negative Banned 
In New York City from Social support groups , and to have safe sex with other HIV-negative gay men.

HIV-neg. Ban History

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Album: Swimming With Sharks
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As published: December 7, 2007 article in lower left corner next to WORLD AIDS DAY.
HIV-negative gay youth are banned to from Social Support Group in New York City. Contact Robert Woodworth at The LGBT Community Center directly OR me by using the GUEST BOOK feature below.
If you are HIV-negative NOW and not on PrEP, WHAT did you do wrong?


YOU did everything RIGHT and you should be CONGRATULATED for a job well done!

NOT medicated.
Copyright  2014    Robert Brandon Sandor

​First is was The DOT COM bubble to burst. 
Then it was The Housing Bubble to burst. 

WHEN will The HIV Expense Bubble burst, and can your investment portfolio take ANOTHER hit?
Copyright 2014 Robert Brandon Sandor
Jan. 26, 2016
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Dec. 1, 2014
Only 30 percent of HIV positive patients are taking meds to achieve viral suppression.
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