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    The FIRST and LARGEST community driven HIV-negative empowerment website in America. 
Personals / Social Support Groups: Someday became TODAY
Page 8 - "BELONGING - People need other people who provide acceptance, affection, companionship, approval and support. Our family and friends help define who we are and make our environment a less lonely place and can help us achieve this sense of belonging." 

There are points of evolution within every social, sexual and medical breakthrough known to mankind that pivot around significant events that define all that follows - THIS HIV-negative Personals page is such an event. WELCOME!   

What is this page all about?
This is different than other online dating websites and services, and I believe our COMMUNITY DRIVEN success in HIV Prevention speaks for itself. On average, most HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth do NOT want to get infected with HIV and most HIV+ people do NOT want to infect someone who is HIV-negative - by choice or by accident. More importantly not all HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth are willing to take PrEP or have unsafe sex.

Therefore, an online dating / social support tool is required to meet the current needs of our HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth.

As an HIV+ First Generation "Survivor" (HIV+ since '83), I believe our HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth deserve to find love, friendship and support that comes with a no strings attached relationship. The HIV+ global community has an unlimited number of social and sexual parties, groups and dating sites to choose from, why can't our HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth? Because of this, I am committed to assisting HIV-negative singles  and couples in their search to find meaningful fulfillment, and to remain HIV-negative with confidence.

THIS IS THE REAL WORLD and few will be compatible with you specifically (pages 20, 26 & 32), and it can be difficult to determine the level of compatibility of a potential partner through methods of conventional dating services – browsing classified ads, online personals, or viewing profile photos. BUT this is a start and a GROUNDBREAKING COMMUNITY DRIVEN FIRST! 



GONE are the days of stone age communication technology of A.O.L. Chat Rooms, dial-up modems, E-Groups, Yahoo Clubs (Yahoo bought out E-Groups to form Yahoo Groups), land lines, tower hard drives and cell phones large enough to fit in a wheelbarrow. This is the 21st Century and our LGBTQ Youth are more tech 
savvy than ever before. 

Therefore, I offer this idea for your consideration: Use your CURRENT mobile device, tablet or laptop, AND the CURRENT social media infrastructure as the foundation for launching an unrestricted online HIV-negative personals and support network worldwide.
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Consider joining these suggestions below or create your own.

FACEBOOK HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth; (global)
About: You and your friends already have profiles created on Facebook, you have "friends", "followers", pictures, usernames, passwords and the like. Therefore, you do not need to start from scratch here, just consider joining this group and begin posting whatever you wish. Dating or friendship requests and pictures are allowed and in time watch the GROUP GROW! The ONLY posts I will add to the group will be: Basic reminders, website updates, empowerment messages and overall support. I will monitor if and only when needed. I trust you.

FACEBOOK HIV-negative LGBTQ Youth; (New York City, NY)
About: Same as the global group but with a focus on the New York City, NY metro area.

FACEBOOK HIV-negative LGBTQ military vets and active duty.
About: Same as the global group but with a focus on our LGBTQ military service members.

PLEDGE TO REMAIN HIV-negative TODAY! (global Facebook)
With more than 3,100 "likes" already, now is a great time to take a stand. This is a community driven FIRST!

Do YOU have what it takes? ( follow on Twitter )
(details here)

Are YOU Concerned About PrEP / PEP?
Do not worry, you are NOT alone. More questions
are being raised regarding PrEP than being answered. CLICK HERE for details.