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Module Four: Save Money, Stay HIV-negative.
How much money will YOU be saving each year just by staying HIV-negative?

Statistics show that you're going to live a LONG TIME due to better diets, exersise, basic health care and medical advancements. What are you going to do when you get into your 70's, 80's, 90's or beyond? Will you spend that time with the family, grandkids, great grand kids, the golf course, traveling, tennis, helping others? Or will you spend it concerned with HIV medication, blood work, T-cell counts, viral load numbers and how to pay for all of this?

If your in high school or college NOW and you're HIV-negative, are you missing classes or important activities due to lost time by going to doctor's offices, labs for tests, side effects from HIV medications or other HIV related issues? Just by staying HIV-negative, you AVOID all the pitfalls of being HIV+ and can better focus on your future goals. But what about the national costs of being HIV+

With medications, food, housing, emotional support, travel expenses to and from hospital visits and a list of other FINANICAL responsibilities - WHO is paying for this? Therefore, no matter how much money is put into HIV Prevention and Support services to maintain HIV, we will NEVER surpass our needs and have a surplus. The input of money will never meet the output demands.

I am HIV+ since 1983, I have come to understand something that no HIV Agency, organization, "expert" or "professional" cares to address - our right to choose our own sex partners. WHY are HIV-negative people not empowered to have safe sex with other HIV-negative people? (Safe Sex Serosort) And WHY is your local HIV agency, organization, expert and professional NOT telling YOU about OUR NATIONAL EFFORTS (The HIV+ Community in America) to support you and your desire to remain HIV-negative? Why are HIV+ gay men required to have unsafe sex with HIV-negative gay youth?

How can our cities, states and nation continue to AFFORD the INCREASE of new HIV transmissions on top of the ONGOING FINANICAL EXPENSES of those of us who are already infected - For the rest of our LIFE?

Do doctors and HIV experts need to do a better job comparing treatments and analyzing risks and benefits? YES, but all that will NOT substantially improve HIV Prevention Strategies until people take personal responsibility for their lifestyle decisions.

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Is there a national savings vs. expense relation to the spread of HIV? YES!​

All the HIV agencies, organizations, experts and professionals in your local community will tell YOU and the general population the SAME message: HIV IS MANAGEABLE and to MAINTAIN HIV. But WHO pays for this FINANICAL MAINTAINCE? 

The American TAXPAYER and insurance policy holders through HIGHER insurance premiums! (PrEP - PEP
The HIV experts neglect to point out our role in the quality and cost of health care (HIV included). We live in a society that values new and expensive things over old and cheap things. Therefore in HIV Prevention, when a shiny new pill or vaccine is dangled in front of us (PrEP for example) they tell us and we are lead to believe - that it is better and good. Get medicated and be happy is their motto.

This is no longer the case, these modules and the information offered on this website are supporting evidence of this fact.
Share your thoughts with family, friends or sex partners.

You took the HARDEST step to remain HIV-negative; You made a CHOICE (Module One) to remain HIV-negative, and you are following up with your choice by getting TESTED REGULARLY (Module Two). You read Module Three regarding our SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to ourselves, each other and as a nation to take HIV Prevention SERIOUSLY through Safe Sex Serosorting. MODULE FIVE addresses our NATIONS BLOOD SUPPLY.

Now comes the FUN part of remaining HIV-negative...Counting the CASH SAVED by staying HIV-negative. 

Have fun and let your dreams run wild! What will you do with the money you'll save by staying HIV-negative? How will being HIV-negative help save money for: Yourself, Your Family, Your Community, The Nation?

In high school or college and need a topic for your TERM PAPER? Why not consider how much money we can save just by staying HIV-negative.
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