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Module Five: The Future of America's Blood Supply
If new transmissions of HIV are NOT stopped, what happens to our nation's BLOOD SUPPLY?

During your travels about the city today or tomorrow, please take a moment to look
 around you. Look, notice and BE AWARE of those who are less fortunate than you,
those who are not as healthy as you. 

  * See anyone in a wheelchair? 
  * See anyone with a walker or cane? 
  * Do you see someone who can not? 
  * Notice anyone with physical handicap? 
  * Lost limb?

Notice the sounds as you move about the city today, the smells, the feel of the 
subway seat as you sit down or the touch of the wind as it glides by on the cross 
streets. Don't take these for granted, because many can not experience the everyday grind of city life like you or I, and this is why WE must stop HIV - not just for ourselves or for our moral and ethical duties. But for all of us - for those who might need a blood or organ transplant.

For the past 30 years NO New York City HIV agency, organization, expert or professional wished to discuss our nation's blood and organ supply, and how HIV is DIRECTLY linked to this issue. However, that is why this website is SO IMPORTANT and needs to be shared with your family, friends, loved ones and sex partners - because I am NOT afraid to address the issues the experts choose not to. So how can we (those of us who take HIV prevention SERIOUSLY) cope with the issue of our nation's blood and organ supply? Just remain HIV-negative.

Staying HIV-negative is more than a sexual issue, it's a national health issue and these few tips can empower you to stay the course:

RAISE THE STANDARD: The difference in people's lives and how they cope with HIV is in the difference in their standards. Raise your standard of HIV prevention by remaining HIV-negative.

TURN YOUR SHOULDS INTO MUSTS: When you understand that something is important, you take action to address it. HIV prevention and your HIV-negative status is a "must", not only for you but for the concept of HIV "prevention" to be reached.

TAKE HIV PREVENTION SERIOUSLY: Anyone can say that they want to help stop the spread of HIV, BUT only those of us who have safe sex with our own HIV status are making it a reality today.

DEVELOP SELF-HONESTY: Throw away the excuses and the false claims, and admit the time has come to finally stop the spread of HIV dead in it's tracks. To physically break the cycle of new HIV transmissions and help make safe sex SAFER today.

UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF NOW: Be aware of your ability to do something about HIV prevention just by staying HIV-negative. Get tested regularly (the 1st of the month or every other month), continue to have safe sex with other HIV-negative people (this LOWERS YOUR RISK ) or start an HIV-negative online social network on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or other internet resource.

INCREASE your confidence level TODAY!

JOIN THE CONVERSATION please consider the "GUEST BOOK" feature here to add your input:

STOP USING THE EASY WAY OUT: Making yourself feel better without actually changing anything or taking action, trains you to accept mediocrity.

Being HIV-negative and taking PrEP / PEP is unrealistic and dangerous, because PrEP / PEP promotes harmful and risky behavior with long term health risks. Successful HIV prevention however, comes from telling yourself the truth and doing your personal best to stay HIV-negative. Getting tested regularly, knowing your sex partners HIV status, having safe sex OR (if you are HIV+) unsafe sex with your own HIV status - PHYSICALLY breaking the cycle of new HIV transmissions, and making safe sex SAFER.

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