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Legal: What you can do NOW...
Legal fact: HIV is not a crime. However, infecting someone with HIV is a crime and punishable by law. The CDC states as a medical fact: "70% of HIV+ gay men do not have HIV in check". 

Before you contact a lawyer or seek legal advice...

Cross your "T's", dot your "I's" and protect yourself just in case you get infected with HIV, taking minor steps NOW can save you years of hardship later. Here are a few basic commonsense tips and suggestions:

* Having proof (supporting evidence) that you disclosed your status to sex partners can help protect you from legal maters, and help support your case if you do consider pressing charges (but it is no guarantee). Possible tips and suggestions include:

* ALWAYS KEEP A WRITTEN COPY OF YOUR HIV TEST RESULTS. This is the number one and most important step you can take NOW for FREE, that will help protect you from any HIV related legal issues. If you get infected and choose to take legal action or the other person chooses to take legal action against you, the first question will be for YOU to PROVE you were HIV-negative PRIOR to the sexual encounter. Having updated copies (in writing) of your HIV test results help support your case.

* If you use the online gay hookup sites to seek sexual partner(s), post your HIV-negative status in your profile. Millions of HIV-negative youth nationwide have been doing this since 2002 (the first hookup site) and continue to this day.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Common HIV-negative "code' are: D&D FREE, HIV-UB2, Safe Sex Only / Always, Safe Sex Serosort, and the like. Another way to use online profiles is to read other profiles for The POZ Code - HIV+ gay men who disclose THEIR HIV+ status online. Examples are (but not limited to) POZ, HIV+UB2, RAW, BB Only (Bareback only), The Bio Hazard symbol as a pic, P4P and others. Examples are your FREEDOM OF SPEECH  & HIV+ empowering HIV-neg.

* While using the online sex hookup sites, create your own "buddy list", a list of sex partners who are also HIV-negative. This is your FIRST line of SUPPORTING EVIDENCE because it helps prove that you openly disclose your HIV-negative status. This is VERY important. 

USE CONDOMS. Save the receipts they might be VERY helpful. If you get the free home version of the HIV Test Kit, take a pic with your cell in your home (a selfie) and send it to a trusted friend. save a copy on your phone, laptop or other device just in case. 

* Save email, text exchanges, voicemail recordings, social media profiles or other evidence that you disclosed your HIV status (If needed, your computer may be the best resource you have; save copies in a safe separate location) 

* Take your partner with you to your doctor or clinic to get tested, and ask them to note your partner’s knowledge of your HIV- negative status in your file.

* Talk about your HIV-negative status in front of your partner and a third party you trust who could testify that you disclosed. Family, friends, loved ones, regular sex partners are your MOST IMPORTANT allies. Make a video with your partner talking about your HIV status if you are into web cams or use video as a sexual fantasy.

* Keep a diary noting occasions when you discussed your HIV status with your partner.

* Make note of physical evidence of your HIV-negative status, doctor visit reminders, printed HIV-related brochures or magazines, etc., that others have seen.

Join or create HIV-negative social or sexual 'support" groups. This could be anything like: friends at school, online, meeting at a coffee shop once a week. An example is The 10 Tips For Successful HIV-negative Online Networks page. Your FREEDOM OF SPEECH rights and your FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. Discuss your HIV-negative status to the group and empower each other to remain HIV-negative. This booklet offers details, tips, suggestions and REAL LIFE ideas: CLICK HERE.


Creating an HIV-negative group or joining an HIV-negative group​ is also IMPORTANT supporting evidence to help your case. Consider joining anyone (or all ) of these or create one of your own. 

Examples of online HIV-negative Social Support Groups


From the CDC
By State (find YOUR state here)
HIV Testing Laws
Prosecutions and Arrests for HIV Exposure in the United States, 2008–2014
(a 21 page PDF file a basic list of cases)