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How HIV Was Stopped In America ~ We PHYSICALLY broke the cycle of new transmissions.
Dear America;
October 12, 2015

Like it or not...unless someone is pointing a gun to your head, the social and sexual choices YOU make are your own. Therefore...

HIV has been stopped in America the day we understood that we can have sex with our own HIV status, and thereby PHYSICALLY breaking the cycle of new HIV transmissions by CHOICE and without medications.  (Robert Brandon Sandor,New York City, NY 1996)

First, before you begin reading the information offered on this page, you are required to know about the following three topics. True, you do not NEED to know about them but, your failure to address them will hurt your argument against the information offered on this page.  

1) Every choice you make as a CONSEQUENCE.
2) In America, we have the right to pick our own sex partners. FREEDOM OF CHOICE
3) It is not a crime to be HIV+ BUT, it is a crime to infect someone. THE LAW

Next, my dear reader, you should try to come to terms with the reality that is all around you. That is, you need to know HOW HIV was stopped, WHEN it began to stop, WHY it was accepted and WHO started this process. Therefore, you should take a moment to know the HISTORY (background music is best heard with headphones) of this sexual and social behavioral change. You should also accept the fact that millions of dollars (and Euros) are being realized - and NONE of that profit is going to your local HIV agency, organization, "expert" or "professional". The next issue you should TRY to understand is that we Americans have a right to pick our own sex partners, regardless if you agree or not. The final issue you are not going to like - I warned you - is how the New York State Department of Health has been taking action to help this achievement since 2006. You need to be aware of the years of RESEARCH regarding this as well.

Lastly my dear reader, you should take a moment and consider the published facts from two sources you trust; The CDC and The United States Of America. For this homework assignment you need to complete a simple math test; 
            Using the published data from these two links (sources), solve this problem:

                                      What is 321.9 million* minus 1.2 million

                                     Or   321.9
                                            -   1.2

(* Number of people living in America as of Oct. 15, 2015)

So WHY is any of this information of HOW HIV was stopped in America important, and WHO cares? Because there are more than 320.7 MILLION AMERICANS who are CURRENTLY HIV FREE.

The simple fact that after more than 30 years of HIV, NO ONE considered conducting HIV related research (Safe Sex Serosorting) on the HIV-negative population, and WHY they continue to remain HIV FREE without expensive medications or support from their local HIV agencies, organizations, "experts" or "professionals". (WHERE are the HIV-negative support groups?)

For example: There are THREE forms of Serosorting and TWO involve safe sex. Sadly, HIV researchers are only interested in ONE form of Serosorting - item #1 (below)

                      1) When HIV+ MSM have unsafe sex (condomless, bareback) with other HIV+ MSM, NO 
                          HIV-negative MSM get infected with HIV. (sadly, this is the ONLY form of Serosorting you are
                          allowed to know about, the HIV researchers are censoring the other two (below) )

                       2) When HIV+ MSM have safe sex (condoms used during sex) with other HIV+ MSM, NO 
                           HIV-negative MSM get infected with HIV. (HIV researchers do not want you to know about this,
                           IF they did - you would know about it already)

                        3) When HIV-negative MSM have safe sex (condoms used during sex) with other 
                            HIV-negative MSM, NO HIV-negative MSM get infected with HIV. (again, HIV researchers do
                            not want you to know about this)

CONCLUSION: HIV-negative Americans are HIV-negative 1) By choice, 2) By not having unsafe sex with HIV+ people (Safe Sex Serosorting) or 3) Having unsafe sex (Serosorting) with their own HIV status and 4) WITHOUT the consent or support of their local HIV agency, organization, "expert" or "professional". and 5) We in the HIV+ community respect our HIV-negative friends, loved ones and choose not to infect them - by OUR choice.

Social and sexual behavioral change by our Freedom of Choice in it's most basic and simple form: By having sex (with or without condoms) with our own HIV status. Serosorting and Safe Sex Serosorting.

For HIV researchers: 

Consider the HIV related Research Grant Funding possibilities - Trust, Communication, Unity, Testing, Stigma, Safe Sex, Unsafe Sex, Party Drugs, The Future of PrEP (or no future), and MANY MORE!

Care to argue against this?
Go ahead, and be my guest!

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The Great strength of America is that we have always been a nation that has benefited from the free and open discussion of all ideas.

 Regardless if we approve or disapprove.
CURRENT population of America. (live)
"CURRENT" HIV infected in America. (CDC)