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The HIV Prevention Bubble: When will it burst?
investment portfolio
survive ANOTHER hit?

First, there was The DOT COM Bubble.
Next, came The HOUSING Bubble.

Currently, HIV Prevention and "Maintaining HIV" Expenses have been mounting since the early 1980's with NO END in sight.

Question for Economic Researchers:
Bubble BURST?
It was on Friday, January 14, 1994 when I passed my Series 7 Exam. In the Section Analysis I noticed that I received a 77% (national avg. 74%) in the Advertising, Qualifying Customers and Industry Regulations part, and a 92% (national avg. 78%) in the Portfolio Analysis, Investment Strategies and Retirement Plans part. This does NOT mean that I am "smart" or that I can get a job in Investment Banking. 

It only means that I understand that the overall expenses and maintenance costs of HIV since the early 1980's can not be sustained much longer. With wide spread HIV accounting fraud, negligence and discrimination, not to mention that HIV agencies and organizations are as common as Starbucks or McDonalds, the ratio of revenue coming in for HIV "prevention" does NOT come close to the ratio of HIV related expenses and maintenance (free housing, medical, food and monthly cash, and other related expenses) going out. SOMETHING at some point needs to break, the financial stress on the HIV Prevention System nationwide needs to bend. Or BREAK.

Example: I'm HIV+ since 1983, a US Air Force vet. and my healthcare is from the VA - free or discounted. Therefore, I am an HIV+ Cash Cow for the system generating the "need" for MORE funding to be put into the system. But I am NOT the only HIV+ victim from The First HIV Generation receiving HIV related goods and services. Now add "The Newly Infected" those who are getting infected with HIV annually since the 1980s, and add in ALL of their NEW HIV RELATED EXPENSES on top of the HIV related expenses of MY HIV generation - The First HIV Generation. This is HIV related expenses or cash flow going OUT of the system.

Next: Factor in the national Healthcare costs of the general public not HIV related, the HIV-negative Baby Boomers getting older (for a lack of a politically correct term). Factor in all their "aging" related healthcare expenses ADDED ON TOP OF the annual HIV related expenses dating back to the early 1980s. The input of revenues going INTO the system is LESS THAN the expenses going OUT of the system. 

WHEN will The HIV Prevention Bubble burst, and can YOUR investment portfolio survive ANOTHER hit?

Join me and let the general public know how to stop HIV OR do NOT be concerned about your entire investment portfolio.
Robert Brandon Sandor
New York City, NY

Note: The testing for my Series 7 was at: PROCTOR Certification Testing, National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. 
601 South lake Destiny Road, Suite 220, Matland, Florida, 32751. The firm I worked for was Paragon Capital Corp. 101 East Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1400, Tampa, Florida 33602.
It's only a matter of time when the American public catches on to the HIV "Prevention" accounting fraud and the dangers of PrEP.