July 22, 2014 ~ Why did barebacking (unsafe sex) become "OK" in America?

I will be uploading PDF files of published articles and emails from POZ Magazine, HIVPlus, The Health Department of The City Of New York and The department of Health of The State of New York along with other documents. This will open the discussion as to why the gay media in America focused on a one sided conversation, and refused to discuss the success of our HIV-negative gay youth since the mid 1990's.

Robert Brandon Sandor 
If you are taking PrEP now and get infected with HIV,  WHO can you sue (lawsuit)?

* Your local HIV agency, organization, or "expert" ?
* Your doctor, clinic or hospital?
* The drug maker?
* ALL of the above?

There has not been any attempt to reach out to our HIV-negative gay youth and create a message of congratulations for a job well done. In fact, the only message coming from the HIV “experts” targeting our HIV-negative gay youth is: Get medicated on PrEP and be happy.                            
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THANK YOU for choosing to remain HIV-negative!

"Your desire and motivation to remain HIV-negative is the glue that holds all other HIV "prevention" messages together, the key force that drives local and global cultures to continue to support HIV "prevention". Please take a moment and think about how this information relates to you personally. Consider how this affects your choices to remain HIV-negative, the people you form relationships with (sexually and socially), and understand the important role you play in keeping the promise of HIV Prevention.

Getting infected with HIV is NOT a "rite of passage" to adulthood. If you do not take your role in HIV Prevention SERIOUSLY, then all the HIV funding and political support to stop HIV are worthless."*        
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PrEP Failed
A Model of Excellence
There are points of evolution within every social, sexual and medical breakthrough known to mankind, that pivot around significant events that define all that follows. Regarding HIV Prevention in America, this booklet is one of those events.

With the unchallenged popularity of the Internet, the simplicity of meeting other young gay men online, and the human desire to have sex with or without HIV; the role of Sex venues, private parties, and one on one sexual contact in America has changed.

​Empowerment, Trust, Communication, Respect, Unity...
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You don't need a P.H.D.

 to stop H.I.V.
Stopping HIV in America by the end of THIS decade - 2020.                                        Online since: August 18, 2007
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Here you will find links to online resources and the the rest of this website. These topics will be the foundation and driving force behind future HIV 'prevention" messages, theories and strategies here in The United States.

However, since this is the 21st Century and the internet is global, my ideas WILL be copied worldwide. For example:

Empowerment Modules, Desire To Remain HIV-negative, Pledge To Remain HIV-negative, Research Ideas, Police, FireFighters and EMS Workers. And many more!

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Now it's time for a brief history lesson. (no, NO ANYTHING but that!)  Don't worry I'll keep this short and sweet. 

WHERE and WHEN did the D&D FREE, HIV-UB2 and SAFE SEX SEROSORTING (having safe sex with your own HIV status) come from?   

The date was the mid 1990's and the place was New York City, NY. USA.

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Research Ideas
When HIV-negative gay men have SAFE SEX with other HIV-negative gay men (Safe Sex Serosort*), HOW do they get infected with HIV? (hint: They don't)

Since the mid 1990's, this question has never been answered by ANY HIV Researcher here in New York City or in The United States for that matter, so I present it to the INTERNATIONAL stage - any HIV Researcher on the planet care to answer this?

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               * Having SAFE SEX with your own HIV status.

The future of HIV Prevention in America will no longer be under the control of HIV agencies, organizations, "experts" or "professionals". 

HIV Prevention has always been under the control of the community and their desire to stop HIV, a community driven responsibility.

As a result of this game changing point of view, new transmissions of HIV in America will terminate by the end of THIS decade (2020).
HIV-negative TODAY!
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